Slow Six - Tomorrow Becomes You

Slow Six is an instrumental band from Brooklyn, New York. Broad genre descriptors do little to describe their striking compositions. Post-rock, experimental neo-classical, minimalism and ambient are among their influences. This is their third full-length album, released earlier this year. Outstanding!

Artist: Slow Six
Album: Tomorrow Becomes You
Year: 2010
Genre: neo-classical, instrumental, post-rock, experimental

1. The Night You Left New York
2. Cloud Cover Part 1
3. Cloud Cover Part 2
4. Because Together We Resonate
5. Sympathetic Response System Part 1
6. Sympathetic Response System Part 2
7. These Rivers Between Us

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Buy from Western Vinyl.
Check the comments to listen first.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

broken link...

Anonymous said...

looks fine to me

Anonymous said...

Yep, link works just fine.

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This is perfect I like so much their compositions, songs are totally well elaborated, I like to listen these songs when I'm at home because I can meditate and feel comfortable.m10m

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