Ana Never - Ana Never

Ana Never is a post-rock band formed in 2002 in Subotica, Serbia. Beautiful music; long tracks influenced by GYBE! Get it!

Artist: Ana Never
Album: Ana Never
Year: 2006
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. Streetlights
2. Dnevnik Jednog Morfiniste
3. 30 Second of My Past Life
4. Future Wife (live)

Download from here. If you want to buy, send an e-mail to the band: ananever [at] gmail [dot] com
More releases here. Also check their YouTube channel

Glen Johnson - Details Not Recorded

Glen Johnson is the only constant member in one of my favourite bands, Piano Magic. This is his first solo album. Johnson says: "The songs on the solo album were written and recorded when Piano Magic was on hiatus. Some of them most likely could have been on a Piano Magic record but I was just too impatient to wait for us to get going again as a band." I am a bit biased but this is a great album!

Artist: Glen Johnson
Album: Details Not Recorded
Year: 2009
Genre: experimental, electronic, post-rock etc.

1. Brilliant Ships
2. My Horror Mask
3. Late Caller
4. Details Not Recorded
5. Les Catacombes
6. I Know You Know My Name
7. A Pause In The Night
8. Save Me
9. Desiderata
10. Loves Like You
11. Quiet Life
Piano Magic: official,, myspace

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Μαθήματα Κυπριακής Ιστορίας - Lessons in Cypriot History

Lessons in Cypriot history - Mathimata kipriakis istorias from slowriot on Vimeo.

Οι Νέοι Φακελοι (The New Files)
No English subtitles. Sorry!

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

"Playing for Change: Peace Through Music" is a documentary by Mark Johnson about the simple but transformative power of music. The film brings together musicians from around the world — blues singers in a waterlogged New Orleans, chamber groups in Moscow, a South African choir — to collaborate on songs familiar and new, in the effort to foster a new, greater understanding of our commonality. The Playing For Change Foundation is dedicated to connecting the world through music by providing resources (facilities, supplies, educational programs, etc) to musicians and their communities around the world.
Please support this effort! The film soundtrack and DVD will be in stores on 28.4.2009.

Stand By Me (Ben E.King)

One Love (Bob Marley)

Don't Worry (Pierre Minetti)

Rachel's - Music for Egon Schiele

Rachel's is an American post-rock group formed in Louisville, USA, in 1991. The core members are guitarist Jason Noble, violist Christian Frederickson and pianist Rachel Grimes. The group’s work is strongly influenced by classical music, particularly inspired by the minimalist music of the late 20th century. While the trio forms the core part of the band, the group’s recordings and performances feature a varying ensemble of musicians, who play a range of string instruments (including viola and cello) in combination with piano, guitars, electric bass guitar, and a drum set that includes a large orchestral bass drum. This album, the band's second, is the soundtrack to a piece of dance and theater that was based on the life of the controversial Viennese painter Egon Schiele. A pure masterpiece!

Artist: Rachel's
Album: Music for Egon Schiele
Year: 1996
Genre: post-rock, classical
Similar: Fifths of Seven, Clogs

1. Family Portrait
2. Egon & Gertie
3. First Self-Portrait Series
4. Mime Van Osen
5. Second Self-Portrait Series
6. Wally, Egon, & Models in the Studio
7. Promenade
8. Third Self-Portrait Series
9. Trio Goes to a Movie
10. Egon & Wally Embrace and Say Farewell
11. Egon & Edith
12. Second Family Portrait

Official Website

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Broadway Project - The Vessel

Broadway Project is musician Dan Berridge from Bristol. His music combines elements of ambient, jazz and hip hop and, of course, is influenced by the famous Bristol scene and trip-hop. He has released four albums to date; this is the second one, a great trip-hop album!

Artist: Broadway Project
Album: The Vessel
Year: 2003
Genre: trip-hop

1. Beauty
2. I Believe In Superman
3. Coming Back
4. The South Coast
5. Beaten Dog
6. Darkling
7. Linear 7’s
8. Unborn
9. Sufi
10. Angel Heart
11. From Treetops
12. Revolution Waltz
13. Manifesto (Stand Up)

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Arca - Angles

Arca is a french project initiated by Joan Cambon and Sylvain Chauveau at the beginning of 2000. The band's name is a reference to the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, the word "arca" means "chest" in Portuguese (Pessoa left most of his writings inside a chest that was discovered after he died). Arca is inspired by music, cinema, literature, photographs, daily occidental sounds. They use warm electronic sounds, mixed with organic instruments and rainy guitars to draw melancholic landscapes. This is their second album. Highly recommended!

Artist: Arca
Album: Angles
Year: 2003
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, cinematic

1. Le Puits Face Au Ciel
2. Polarites
3. Portrait of an Unsatisfied Figure
4. Perspective of Nude
5. Endormir les Hommes
6. Attendre
7. Attractions
8. Errance
9. Face
10. Nyodene D

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Eksperimentoj - eksperimentoj

Eksperimentoj is a progressive rock band from Japan formed in May 2002. This is their first album released in January 2007 through Hurricane Records. Their sound is a fusion of post-rock and progressive rock which they call "sound art". The name "eksperimentoj" means "experiments" in Esperanto.

Artist: Eksperimentoj
Album: eksperimentoj
Year: 2007
Genre: progressive, post-rock

1. Planetalium
2. Note
3. Broken infinity
4. Untitled
5. Solaris
6. Prophecy is from a nightmare
7. Nocturnal
8. Point at the sky (for Kurt Cobain)
9. Piano
10. Piano sustained
11. Instrumenta muziko
12. Prismo

Official Website

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Little Red Riding Hood

A school assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, inspired by Röyksopp's "Remind Me". Awesome!

Remind Me:

Little Red Riding Hood:

2 By Bukowski - What a long strange journey this has been

2 By Bukowski is a post-rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece, but its members live in London, UK. They first formed in 1998 and after releasing their first two mini attempts, they recorded this debut album in 2001 at the great independent Greek label Poeta Negra. An excellent album, influenced by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Get it!

Artist: 2 By Bukowski
Album: What a long strange journey this has been
Year: 2001
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. Buckle Up Scully, I Believe Chuck Here Is About To Take Us On A Ride To The Abnormal
2. It's Time To Hybernate
4. 8 Steps Of The Crane And The Snake
5. Burn Witch, The Sorceress
6. Solution: Sarrus

Official Website

Please support this band! Buy from Poeta Negra.
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Giardini di Mirò - Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting

Giardini di Mirò is a post-rock band from Reggio Emilia, Italy. This their first official album released in 2001, one of my favourite post-rock albums. Excellent band. Highly recommended!

Artist: Giardini di Mirò
Album: Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting
Year: 2001
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. A new start (for swinging shoes)
2. Pet life saver
3. The beauty tape rider
4. Trompso is OK
5. Pearl Harbor
6. Little victories
7. Penguin serenade
8. Rise and fall of academic drifting

Official Website

Please support this band. Buy from Homesleep Records (9.95 EUR including worldwide delivery)
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La Casa - Les Trucs Abîmés

La Casa are Pierre Le Feuvre and Jean-Francois Peculier from Saint-Denis les Gastines, France, that play beautiful folk music obviously influenced by Calexico and Ennio Morricone. From "We travel in electronic rhythms through desert, beneath a full-stared grey sky, where you meet “droughtful” classical guitar tunes and inspired trumpet: the Mariachi way". This is a very promising debut! Recommended!

Artist: La Casa
Album: Les Trucs Abîmés
Year: 2009
Genre: folk

1. 2 Novembre
2. Go Go Go
3. No Style
4. Les Trucs Abimes
5. La Ruta
6. La Lune
7. Qui Veut Nos Peaux?
8. Mon Frere
9. Triste Comme Un Violoncelle
10. Mademoiselle
11. Los Angeles
12. Pas De Plans Sur La Comete
13. Cerveza's Song
MiC review

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PJ Harvey & John Parish - Black Hearted Love

Waiting for the new album...

Matt Elliott - The Mess We Made

This is the first album of Matt Elliott under his birth name. In a previous post, I have already presented an album from his previous project, The Third Eye Foundation. The Mess We Made is a chaotic post-rock/folk workout, marking a departure for Elliott into darker, more twisted territory than ever before. A must!

Artist: Matt Elliott
Album: The Mess We Made
Year: 2003
Genre: folk, electronica, post-rock

1. Let Us Break
2. Also Ran
3. Dog Beneath the Sun
4. Mess We Made
5. Cotard's Syndrome
6. Sinking Ship Song
7. End
8. Forty Days

Official Website

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Cypriot police officers acquitted

The Criminal Court in Nicosia, Cyprus, decided today, on the case of two students beaten by 10 police officers the morning of 20th of December 2005, not to accept as evidence material the above video taken by citizen on the grounds that it "denies the right to a fair trial to defendants police officers". Therefore, the police officers in the video are innocent! Outrageous!

What's the next step? The Greek riots answered this a couple of months ago:

A Class Divided

A classic documentary about the famous "blue-eyed/brown-eyed" exercise, created by the American teacher and anti-racism activist Jane Elliott in the 1960s. Elliott divided her class by eye color - those with blue eyes and those with brown. On the first day, the blue-eyed children were told they were smarter, nicer, neater, and better than those with brown eyes. Throughout the day, Elliott praised them and allowed them privileges such as a taking a longer recess and being first in the lunch line. In contrast, the brown-eyed children had to wear collars around their necks and their behavior and performance were criticized and ridiculed by Elliott. On the second day, the roles were reversed and the blue-eyed children were made to feel inferior while the brown eyes were designated the dominant group.

A great documentary, a daring lesson in the meaning of discrimination!

More info:
Jane Elliott (and wikipedia)
Watch@PBS website here.
With Greek subtitles: here (kudos to TVXS)

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Cicadidae

Kammerflimmer Kollektief ("Ventricular Fibrillation Collective") is a German experimental jazz-electronica group characterised by soothing, throbbing soundscapes accented with disjointed sounds played by instruments such as the saxophone. Although the fragile rhythms draw heavily from free-jazz improvisation the final overall effect is closer to ambient electronica. This is their fourth album. Great band!

Artist: Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Album: Cicadidae
Year: 2003
Genre: electronica, jazz

1. Neumond Inselhin
2. Sie Tranken Regen
3. Über Die Wasserscheide
4. Blood
5. …Denn Nacht Ist Jetzt Schon Bald!
6. Sie Tranken Regen [version]
7. Mantra
8. Eiderdaunen (Gerupft)
9. Irgendwann: Frühling
10. There’s a Weight on You, But You Can’t Feel It

Official Website

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The Spheres - Audible Lines

This is one of the best albums I've listened so far this year. The Spheres are an experimental AV ensemble from Melbourne, Australia comprised of filmmakers, animators, multi-instrumentalists and expatriates collectively exploring the cross over between live music and visual projection. They play fantastic, post-rock, cinematic music. This is their only album so far, released in 2006. Amazing! Get it!

Artist: The Spheres
Album: Audible Lines
Year: 2006
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, cinematic

1. Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (Part 1)
2. Traverse The Sky In Three Great Steps (Part 2)
3. Cordate
4. The Rain That Fell Last Night Made Me Fall From Love With You

Official Website

Many thanks to Mogwai for discovering this.
You can buy from here or here.
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The War On Democracy

The War on Democracy is a 2007 award-winning documentary film directed by Christopher Martin and John Pilger which focuses on the historic and current relationship of USA with Latin American countries. As Pilger says, the film "...tells a universal story... analysing and revealing, through vivid testimony, the story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called "war on terror". The film’s message is that the greed and power of empire is not invincible and that people power is always the "seed beneath the snow". Fantastic documentary!

More Info:
John Pilger (and here)

Collapse Under The Empire - Systembreakdown

Collapse under the empire is a post-rock band from Hamburg, Germany, formed in 2007. They released their debut album ("Paintball EP") in May 2008. This is their first full-length album. Their sound is a combination of epic guitars with chilled electronic elements and a portion melancholic mood. Great album, highly recommended!

Artist: Collapse Under The Empire
Album: Systembreakdown
Year: 2009
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. Monumental Sequence
2. Sky Falling
3. Innocence
4. The Taste Of Last Summer
5. Quiet Dimension
6. Environmental Obsession
7. Turn
8. Depending On You
9. Further Than The End Of The World
10. Buried In Pieces

Official Website

This album is a self-release. Please support the band! Buy from here.
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Espers - II

This is one of my favourite albums. Espers is a psych-folk band from Philadelphia, USA, formed in 2002. This is actually their third album, after their debut self-titled album (2003) and "The Weed Tree" (2005), an album of cover songs. Excellent band ...and this is their best album so far!

Artist: Espers
Album: II
Year: 2006
Genre: folk, psychedelic

1. Dead Queen
2. Widow's Weed
3. Cruel Storm
4. Children Of Stone
5. Mansfield And Cyclops
6. Dead King
7. Moon Occults The Sun

Official Website
MiC review

Buy from Drag City records
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Night On Earth - Stage/Radio

Night On Earth is Greek trip-hop band with blues noir/jazz influences. Their sound is more influenced by the images of Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai than a specific musical movement. Their live shows are occasionally accompanied by visuals, short films and performance. This is their debut double album released in 2006. The first disc, "Stage", is a top-class trip-hop album while the second one, "Radio", is more experimental, full of improvisations.

Artist: Night On Earth
Album: Stage/Radio
Year: 2006
Genre: trip-hop, experimental

Disc One - Stage
3.Little Night Music
4.Tango De La Lluvia

Disc Two -Radio
1. Hotel (In A Silent Way)
2. Improviolation
3. Latitudinarian
4. Impropervisation
5. Triphope


Please support this band. Buy from here
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The Story Of Stuff

Extraction -Production - Distribution - Consumption - Disposal

Very nice interactive official website (and better video quality)
Download (.mov, 50MB)

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - Stand With The Stillness Of This Day

Elizabeth Anka Vagajic is a singer and guitarist from Montreal who writes dark folk/blues music. This is her excellent debut album released by the great independent label Constellation Records, the label of some of the greatest post-rock bands in the world (GYBE, Silver Mt. Zion and Do Make Say Think). A few members from those bands play in this record. Absolutely brilliant album!

Artist: Elizabeth Anka Vagajic
Album: Stand With The Stillness Of This Day
Year: 2004
Genre: folk, blues, dark, melancholic

1. With Hopes Lost
2. Around Here
3. Where You Wander
4. Iceland
5. Why
6. And The Sky Lay Still
7. Sleep With Dried Up Tears

At Constellation Records
A few live performances at here

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The Third Eye Foundation - Little Lost Soul

The Third Eye Foundation is a single man project of Matt Elliott, a protagonist of the Bristol scene. In the early 90s, Elliott was a part-time member of the legendary Bristol bands Flying Saucer Attack, Amp and Movietone. In 1995, he recorded his first album ("Semtex") under the name The Third Eye Foundation. In 2003, he released his first album under his name Matt Elliott, the fantastic "The Mess we Made". This is my favourite album by The Third Eye Foundation. Highly recommended!

Artist: The Third Eye Foundation
Album: Little Lost Soul
Year: 2000
Genre: electronica, ambient

1. I've Lost That Loving Feline
2. What Is It With You
3. Stone Cold Said So
4. Half A Tiger
5. Lost
6. Are You Still A Cliche?
7. Goddamit You've Got To Be Kind

Official Website
MiC review

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Elizabeth Anka Vajagic

A song by the Canadian artist Elizabeth Anka Vajagic. Amazing voice. I'll present her album in a couple of days. Until then, enjoy...

Kovlo - I'm So Happy On This Boat

Kovlo is a post-rock band from Switzerland. They released their first album in 2005, entitled "A new position for a second degree burnt". This is their second album. Recommended to post-rock fans.

Artist: Kovlo
Album: I'm So Happy On This Boat
Year: 2007
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. Nancy Otori
2. Zuan Polo
3. Anna Goeldin
4. Pierre Rivière
5. Charlotte

Official Website

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Thalia Zedek - Been Here and Gone

In a perfect world, Thalia Zedek would be one of the most successful artists (commercially). But this is ain't no perfect world and Thalia Zedek's records have limited commercial success, even though she has been highly acclaimed by music critics throughout her career. In the 1990s, she was a member of the influential American indie band Come. This is her first solo album released in 2001. An "old-fashioned" rock album by one of the strongest vocalists in music. Don't miss it!

Artist: Thalia Zedek
Album: Been Here and Gone
Year: 2001
Genre: indie

1. Excommunications (Everybody Knows)
2. Back to School
3. Strong
4. Temporary Guest
5. Treacherous Thing
6. Dance Me to the End of Love
7. 1926
8. Desanctified (Full Circle)
9. Somebody Else
10. 10th Lament
11. Manha de Carnaval

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Marissa Nadler - Little Hells

One more fantastic album by Marissa Nadler. "A voice you would follow straight into Hades" as described by Pitchfork.

Artist: Marissa Nadler
Album: Little Hells
Year: 2009
Genre: folk, dream-folk

1. Heart Paper Lover
2. Rosary
3. Mary Come Alive
4. Little Hells
5. Ghosts and Lovers
6. Brittle, Crushed & Torn
7. The Hole is Wide
8. River of Dirt
9. Loner
10. Mistress

Official Website and blog

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Zoë Keating - Tetrishead Live

Τι είναι αυτό; (What is that?)

Father and son are sitting on a bench. Suddenly a sparrow lands across them. A touching short movie directed by Constantin Pilavios

Your Hand In Mine Live in Patras

Closed Zone

A short animation about Israel's closure of Gaza by Yoni Goodman (director of animation for Waltz with Bashir) produced by the Israeli human rights group Gisha.

Behind the scenes

Official Website

Zoë Keating - One Cello x 16: Natoma

Zoë Keating is a Canadian cellist. She was a second chair cellist in the cello rock band Rasputina from 2002 to 2006. In her solo recordings (a project called "One Cello x 16"), she uses electronic sampling and repetition to layer the sound of her cello. This is her second album (after the EP "One Cello x 16"). Beautiful music!

Artist: Zoë Keating
Album: One Cello x 16: Natoma
Year: 2005
Genre: cello, instrumental, classical (-ish)

1. Legions (War)
2. Fern
3. Tetrishead
4. Sun Will Set
5. We Insist
6. Legions (Reverie)
7. Frozen Angels
8. Legions (Aftermath)

Official Website

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15 years without Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri was one of the greatest actresses and political figures in modern Greek history. Fifteen years are completed today since she died.

From her first film, Stella (1955). The most famous scene

and a song "Αγάπη που 'γινες δίκοπο μαχαίρι" ("Love that became a double-edged knife") by Manos Hadjidakis from the same movie:

"Τα Παιδιά του Πειραιά" by Manos Hadjidakis (won Academy Award for Best Song) in the famous movie "Never On Sunday" ("Ποτέ την Κυριακή") in 1960:

Melina Mercouri was also an activist and a politician. She was the Greek Minister of Culture during 1981-1989 and 1993-1994. She was the person that proposed the Cultural Capital of Europe idea and she also advocated the return of Parthenon Marbles from the British museum to Athens.

Melina Mercouri Foundation

Your Hand In Mine - Every Night Dreams OST

Your Hand In Mine consists of two students, Manos Milonakis and George Papadopoulos, from Thessaloniki, Greece, and play beautiful ambient, experimental music . They have taken their name from the a song of Explosions in the Sky. Their first self-titled album (EP) was released in 2007 in a 100 handmade cd copies. In the summer of 2007, they composed original music for Mikio Naruse’s (or here) silent masterpiece Every Night Dreams which they presented live at Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival in November. Every Night Dreams was officially released by Inner Ear label in 2008. There were supporting band in important gigs in Greece the past 2 years: Max Richter, Tuxedomoon and Manyfingers. Don't miss this one! Absolutely brilliant!

Artist: Your Hand In Mine
Album: Every Night Dreams OST
Year: 2008
Genre: ambient, experimental, electronica
MiC review

Buy: Play our music (Greece), CB Baby
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Nuit et brouillard - Night and Fog

Nuit et brouillard is a classic documentary about the Nazi concentration camps released in 1955. It was directed by Alain Resnais and was based on a poem written by Jean Cayrol. A powerful film!


Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Yndi Halda are from Canterbury, UK. "Yndi Halda" is Old Norse for "Enjoy Eternal Bliss", also the name of their debut I post today. A great post-rock album. The band also creates distinctive, individualised hand-made covers. Recommended!

Artist: Yndi Halda
Album: Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Year: 2006
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. Dash and Blast
2. We Flood Empty Lakes
3. A Song For Starlit Beaches
4. Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!

Official Website

Check the comments to listen before you buy.

iLiKETRAiNS - Spencer Perceval

Excellent song and video (The story of Spencer Perceval)

Η «περιρρέουσα ατμόσφαιρα» - The case of the «Ambient Atmosphere»

By Makarios Drousiotis

More info here and here (pdf)

English version (subtitles) and pdf

Tied & Tickled Trio - Aelita

Artist: Tied & Tickled Trio
Album: Aelita
Year: 2007
Genre: electronica

1. Aelita 1
2. You Said Tomorrow Yesterday
3. Tamaghis
4. Aelita 2
5. A Rocket Debris Cloud Drifts
6. Chlebnikov
7. Other Voices Other Rooms
8. Aelita 3
MiC review

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The Corporation

A fantastic documentary by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. You can watch it here in two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

More Information: Official Website, IMDb, Wikipedia, Allmovie, Rotten Tomatoes

Downloads:, torrent, direct(.avi), soundtrack


Το Δηλητήριο - The Poison

By Makarios Drousiotis


English (with subtitles):

Encre - Flux

The amazing Yann Tambour (aka Encre or Thee, Stranded Horse). This one is a personal favourite!

Artist: Encre
Album: Flux
Year: 2004
Genre: electronica

1. Flux
2. Marbles
3. Hassan
4. Us
5. Galant(es?)
6. Sèves
7. Missive Bis
8. Plexus

Also check: Thee, Stranded Horse (official, MySpace)
Check the comments to listen before you buy.

Pascal Comelade

Our Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky (EP)

Support these guys! Great post-rock from Austria.

Artist: Our Ceasing Voice
Album: Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky (EP)
Year: 2009
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. The Inevitable Fall
2. Of Lives Once Lost
3. As The Horizon’s On Fire
4. Dazzled Eyes Are Shut
Buy (5€)

Download from here (pw:
(or here or here or here)
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