Slint - Spiderland

Today's album is a legendary post-rock album. Slint formed in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in 1986 from the remains of the post-punk band Squirrel Bait. Released in 1991 by Touch & Go Records, Spiderland was Slint's second album. Although it was not widely recognized on its initial release, it eventually became a landmark album in underground music after Slint broke up in 1991. It has been highly influential on the styles of many bands in the post-rock genre, including Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Considered a seminal work, Spiderland is an album characterised by its dark, syncopated rhythms, sparse guitar lines and haunting subject matters. The record’s impact was such that some have suggested it is the first true post-rock album, helping to usher in a new wave of bands seeking a move away from the unfettered aggression of hardcore punk but not its underlying ethic. The singing style interchanges between mumbling spoken word and strained shouting. The lyrics of Spiderland are often written in a narrative style.

The cover of Spiderland is from series of photos of the band taken by the Louisville singer-musician Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, Palace etc).

Artist: Slint
Album: Spiderland
Year: 1991
Genre: post-rock

1. Breadcrumb Trail
2. Nosferatu Man
3. Don, Aman
4. Washer
5. For Dinner...
6. Good Morning, Captain
7. Utica Quarry, Nighttime

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Misuse - Misuse

Misuse is a brilliant post-rock band from Athens, Greece. This is their debut album released in 2008. They have been well-known in Greece a few years before this release. In fact, Mogwai chose them as a support act for their live performance in Greece back in 2003. Highly recommended!

Artist: Misuse
Album: Misuse
Year: 2008
Genre: post-rock

1. Genesis
2. Flat Line Evolution
3. Loss In Action
4. Desecid
5. Progyria
6. Amanzi
7. While It Lasts
8. Way To The Seashore


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Damon & Naomi - with Ghost

Damon & Naomi are an American indie/folk-rock duo formed in 1991 by Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, formerly of the influential 80s band Galaxie 500. This is their fourth album, released in 2000, a collaboration with the Japanese psychedelic rock band Ghost. Great album!

Artist: Damon & Naomi
Album: with Ghost
Year: 2000
Genre: indie, folk-rock

1. The Mirror Phase
2. The New World
3. Judah And The Maccabees
4. Blue Moon
5. The Great Wall
6. I Dreamed Of The Caucasus
7. Don't Forget
8. Tanka
9. Eulogy To Lenny Bruce

Official Website

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Long Distance Calling - Avoid the Light

Long Distance Calling is a German post rock band based in Münster, Germany. They play instrumental rock music, based on heavy guitar riffing and shaking hands with psychedelic and calm elements. As most bands with this description tend to explore dark and depressive moods these guys change between timid beauty and hard boiled reality in a tough play, always based on a driving rhythm section. This is their second full-length album after the releases of DMNSTRTN Demo E.P. (2006) and Satellite Bay (2007). Brilliant!

Artist: Long Distance Calling
Album: Avoid the Light
Year: 2009
Genre: post-rock

1. Apparitions
2. Black Paper Planes
3. 359
4. I Know You Stanley Milgram
5. The Nearing Grave (ft. jonas renkse)
6. Sundown Highway

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Noam Chomsky - interview

A great interview at Democracy Now!
Greek subtitles by

Yellow6 - Painted Sky

Yellow6 is a solo project by British guitarist Jon Attwood. In the mid 90s with no band Jon started to experiment with guitar sounds, drones, programmed beats and loops, resulting in a debut single release in 1998 on Enraptured Records. Over the following years, yellow6 has amassed over 70 releases on nearly as many labels across the globe, remixed or been remixed by many similar artists. This album was released in 2007 by Resonant records.

Artist: Yellow6
Album: Painted Sky
Year: 2007
Genre: ambient, post-rock

1. I Know I Shouldn't (But I Do)
2. I Loved You More Before I Knew You Loved Me
3. Common
4. Nye 2
5. Realisation
6. Pleasure/Pain
7. Eighteen Days
8. Requiem For Julian
9. Mare
10. Azure

Official Webite

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Chris Eckman - A Janela

Chris Eckman is, together with Carla Torgerson, co-founder of the American folk/rock band The Walkabouts. Together with Torgerson, he also forms the duo Chris & Carla. This is his first solo album released in 2000, entitled "A Janela" which means "The Window" in Portuguese. Amazing dark, melancholic album!

Artist: Chris Eckman
Album: A Janela
Year: 2000
Genre:folk, rock

1. Fireworks
2. Intrusions
3. The Drag
4. Rua Augusta
5. Ghostface
6. Deadwood
7. Fadista
8. A Janela
9. May You Have Strength
10. The Other Side of Night
11. 20 Minutes on a Train
12. Sonhos e Sombras
Also check "The Walkabouts - New West Motel"

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Parov Stelar - Rough Cuts

Parov Stelar, aka Marcus Füreder, is an Austrian artist that creates beautiful nu-jazz/electronic music. This is his first album, free jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat. Parov Stelar is the head of Etage Noir Recordings. Highly recommended album!

Artist: Parov Stelar
Album: Rough Cuts
Year: 2004
Genre: nu-jazz, electronica

1. Sometimes
2. Tell Me
3. For All We Know
4. Odessa
5. Psychedelic Jazz
6. Kisskiss
7. Red Haired Woman
9. I Hold You
10. The Fusion

Official Website (buy from here)
Parov Stelar @Etage Noir

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Zoom-in: A Silver Mt. Zion

A Silver Mt Zion is a Canadian band from Montreal Quebec, Canada, formed in 1999. The band started as a side project by three members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Efrim Menuck, Thierry Amar and Sophie Trudeau, but their fanbase has expanded since then, and they are no longer seen merely as an offshoot of GYBE but as a unique and separate entity.

The initial scope of A Silver Mt. Zion was a project in which Efrim Menuck hoped to learn how to score music. Menuck would like to communicate better with his fellow musicians by getting familiar with music theory. This idea was soon abandoned as Menuck realised that he preferred not knowing precisely what he was doing when writing, opting to "fumble" instead. Finally, A Silver Mt Zion's debut album was born out of a desire by Efrim Menuck to record something for his dog Wanda, who died of cancer while Godspeed You! Black Emperor were on tour.

A Silver Mt. Zion’s music was initially centered around Menuck’s plaintive piano themes, supported by Amar’s first forays into upright acoustic bass playing and Trudeau’s swirling violin cascades. Their early releases were mostly instrumental albums but, recently, their music often features lyrics and vocals. In fact, the last few albums they have released contain no purely instrumental tracks.

A Silver Mt Zion released five full-length albums and one E.P. so far at the influential record label Constellation records. They use different variations of the name on different releases. The group expanded to six members after their debut in late 2000, with the addition of Rebecca Foon (cello), Ian Ilavsky (guitar) and Jessica Moss (violin), while they are now seven musicians with the addition of Eric Craven (drums) before their most recent release.

Although I personally prefer their first mostly instrumental albums, their lyrics are great, very powerful political words. Excellent band, one of the most influential of the zeros.

More info: Official Website,, MySpace, Wikipedia, Constellation records
Live performances:


1. He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms… (2000)

Released as "A Silver Mt. Zion", their debut is a quiet album of beautiful and hypnotic melancholy. Dedicated to Efrim's late dog, Wanda.

1. Broken Chords Can Sing a Little
2. Sit In the Middle of Three Galloping Dogs
3. Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning
4. Movie (Never Made)
5. 13 Angels Standing Guard 'round the Side of Your Bed
6. Long March Rocket or Doomed Airliner.
7. Blown-out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole
8. For Wanda

2. Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward (2001)

Released as "The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band", this album is stunningly, heartbreakingly beautiful in its unfolding, devastating in its beauty and ghostly in its articulation. In my opinion, this is Silver Mt Zion's best album! Absolutely brilliant from the beginning to the end! Only a couple of songs have feature lyrics, but when they do the are great. From "Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!)":
"Dear brothers and sisters
dear enemies and friends
Why are we all so alone here
All we need is a little more hope, a little more joy
All we need is a little more light, a little less weight, a little more freedom..."

1. Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire Are Falling from the Sky!
2. This Gentle Hearts Like Shot Bird's Fallen
3. Built Then Burnt [Hurrah! Hurrah!]
4. Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River
5. Could've Moved Mountains
6. Tho You Are Gone I Still Often Walk w/ You
7. C'mon Come On (Loose and Endless Longing)
8. The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes

3. "This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing (2003)

Released as Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band with Choir, this time the band is joined by a 22-member choir. A great album, similar to their two previous releases! Again some great lyrics (from "American Motor Over Smoldered Field"):
"Bullets in the bellies of babies
Sleeping in the strangest places
This fence around your garden won't keep the sky from falling..."

1. Sow Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom
2. Babylon Was Built on Fire/Starsnostars
3. American Motor Over Smoldered Field
4. Goodbye Desolate Railyard

4. The "Pretty Little Lightning Paw" E.P. (2004)

Released as Thee Silver Mountain Reveries. Many of the band members switched instruments for this recording. For example, Sophie Trudeau, who can usually be found playing violin, plays the bass guitar and Ian Ilavsky, usually one of the band's guitarists, plays drums.

1. More Action! Less Tears!
2. Microphones in the Trees
3. Pretty Little Lightning Paw
4. There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow

5. Horses in the Sky (2005)

Released as Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, this is their first album to feature lyrics on every track. The lyrics here are at their top level! An example from "Horses in the Sky":
"Though we was born defeated
Worried, tired and scared
And monsters build mean robots
Launching rockets into the air

And the wealth of our nations
Fed on angel blood
And our cities shot with moneyed schemes
Built on twigs and mud

And our schools look like prisons
And our prisons look like malls
And downtown's just a sick parade
Where no-one cares at all"

1. God Bless Our Dead Marines
2. Mountains Made of Steam
3. Horses in the Sky
4. Teddy Roosevelt's Guns
5. Hang on to Each Other
6. Ring Them Bells (Freedom Has Come and Gone)

6. 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons (2008)

This is their most recent album and (surprise surprise!) they kept the same name as their previous release. It consists of an instrumental intro, split into twelve very short untitled tracks, and four full songs, which had been played live on recent tours. It's the first time that the album package contains the song lyrics. In the highlight of the album, BlindBlindBlind, the band expresses once again their love for punk music/ideology:
"We want punks in the palace
'Cause punks got the loveliest dreams..."

1-12. [untitled]
13. 1,000,000 Died to Make This Sound
14. 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
15. Black Waters Blowed/Engine Broke Blues
16. BlindBlindBlind

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Absent Without Leave - Postcards From Nowhere

Absent Without Leave is the solo project by Greek artist George Mastrokostas. Recording everything himself in his home-studio, he creates a melancholic sound that covers a multitude of styles such as electronica, post-rock, shoegaze and ambient. This is his most recent album released by the british label Distant Noise records in 2008.

Artist: Absent Without Leave
Album: Postcards From Nowhere
Year: 2008
Genre: ambient

1. Before The First Rain
2. These Days Are Cold
3. End Of July
4. The Same Mistake
5. Sudden Change
6. 25 Years
7. Following A Trembling Star
8. The First Rain

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Lanterna - Desert Ocean

Lanterna is an American musical project led by guitarist Henry Frayne. Their tracks are evocative soundscapes, usually instrumental, that focus on Frayne's melodic guitar work awash in effects. I love this band! This is their most recent release.

Artist: Lanterna
Album: Desert Ocean
Year: 2006
Genre: instrumental
Similar: Scenic

1. Luminous
2. Venture
3. Summer Break
4. Fog
5. 48th & 8th
6. Surf
7. Riverside
8. Cross Country
9. Hope
10. Messina

Official Website

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Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place

Ulrich Schnauss is an electronic musician and producer based in Germany. His music is influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and, sometimes, Cocteau Twins. This is his brilliant second album!

Artist: Ulrich Schnauss
Album: A Strangely Isolated Place
Year: 2003
Genre: electronica

1. Gone Forever
2. On My Own
3. A Letter From Home
4. Monday - Paracetamol
5. Clear Day
6. Blumenthal
7. In All the Wrong Places
8. A Strangely Isolated Place

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The Crisis of Credit Visualized

From here

2 By Bukowski - Drink From My Bastard Grail

I've already presented the debut album of this great band here. This is their second full length album (after the E.P. "Tech Thrash"). Great album, a bit heavier than their debut, closer to post-metal! The first track, "Chopperfuck", is their first (amazing) track with lyrics. Karine Charff of Amp is the singer. Recommended!

Artist: 2 By Bukowski
Album: Drink from my bastard grail
Year: 2003
Genre: post-rock, post-metal

1. Chopperfuck
2. I Am Ready For Death In This Dominion
3. The Last Aerie
4. The Entrance
5. Morley Lights
6. Sacrament
7. Wild Manner
8. Gate 3
9. I Am Continuum

Official Website

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Eluvium - An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death

Eluvium is ambient recording artist Matthew Robert Cooper from Portland, Oregon (USA). In 2008 he released his first album, "Miniatures", under his birth name. I strongly recommend all his albums. This one is his second one, a personal favourite. Great ambient/piano music!

Artist: Eluvium
Album: An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
Year: 2004
Genre: ambient, piano

1. An Accidental Memory
2. Genius And The Thieves
3. Perfect Neglect In A Field Of Statues
4. Nepenthe
5. In A Sense
6. The Well-Meaning Professor
7. An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death

Official Website

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Devics - My Beautiful Sinking Ship

Devics are vocalist Sara Lov and multi-instrumentalist (and sometimes singer) Dustin O’Halloran, a musical duo from Los Angeles who found a home in Italy after signing to the UK label, Bella Union. The past couple of years they have been working on their solo projects. This is their best album in my opinion; beautiful melancholic music! Sara Lov's voice is out of this world! Highly recommended!

Artist: Devics
Album: My Beautiful Sinking Ship
Year: 2001
Genre: indie

1. Heart and Hands
2. My Beautiful Sinking Ship
3. You in the Glass
4. The Man I Love
5. You Could Walk Forever
6. Alone With You
7. Why I Chose To Never Grow
8. Living Behind The Sun
9. Forget Tomorrow
10. Lost At Sea
11. Gold In The Girl
12. I Broke Up
13. Heaven Please
14. Five Seconds to Hold You
15. Blood Red Orange

Official Website

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Flotation Toy Warning - Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck

Flotation Toy Warning is a band from London, UK, formed in 2001. Their sound has been described as a cross between space rock and chamber pop, with musical similarities to bands such as Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, The Unicorns, and Air. This is their wonderful debut released in 2004. Their second album, "The Machine That Made Us", will be released in 2009.

Artist: Flotation Toy Warning
Album: Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck
Year: 2004
Genre: indie, dream pop

1. Happy 13
2. Popstar Researching Oblivion
3. Losing Carolina/For Drusky
4. Made From Tiny Boxes
5. Donald Pleasance
6. Fire Engine On Fire, Pt. 1
7. Fire Engine On Fire, Pt. 2
8. Even Fantastica
9. Happiness Is On The Outside
10. How The Plains Left Me Flat

Official Website
Pointy Records

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Zoom-in: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a Canadian experimental, post-rock group from Montreal, Quebec, one of the greatest bands of the past 15 years, highly influential within the post-rock genre. The band formed around 1994 with three members (Efrim Menuck, Mauro Pezzente and Mike Moya), but its lineup has changed frequently. The group has had as many as twenty members at one time, but has tended to settle down to a group of nine. Their name was taken from a little known 1976 Japanese black-and-white documentary by director Mitsuo Yanagimachi, which follows the exploits of a Japanese biker gang, the Black Emperors (IMDb).

In 1994, GYBE recorded their first self-released cassette, "All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling", limited to just 33 copies. Since then, they released three full-length studio albums and one EP, at Constellation records and Kranky. Working with orchestrated arrangements, the nine-piece group created tracks with wide dynamic ranges, a highly evocative use of instrumentation and sounds and uncompromising long form compositions. Each release usually consists of an entire piece divided into movements, mostly between 15 and 25 minutes, sometimes eponymously specified in the liner notes. Their engrossing use of art and visuals in both album packaging and live performances create an enigmatic aura.

There is a strong political component to the band's music. For example, the liner notes to Yanqui U.X.O. describe the song "09-15-00" as "Ariel Sharon surrounded by 1,000 Israeli soldiers marching on al-Haram Ash-Sharif & provoking another Intifada," and the back cover of that album depicts the relationships of several major record labels to the military-industrial complex. Several of their songs also incorporate voice samples which express political sentiments, most notably "The Dead Flag Blues" (on F♯A♯∞) and "BBF3" (on Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada).

GYBE announced an indefinite hiatus in 2003. Members of the group have formed a number of side-projects, including A Silver Mt. Zion, Fly Pan Am and Set Fire to Flames.

More Info/Listen: Official Website,, MySpace, Wikipedia, MiC (greek)
Labels: Constellation Records, Kranky
Live performances:

Discography (more info/downloads here)

1. All lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling (1994, cassette)

Released in 1994 when GYBE was a three-member group, this is a very rare album. If anybody has this one, please post the link!

Side A
1. drifting intro open
2. shot thru tubes
3. three three three
4. when all the furnaces exploded
5. beep
6. hush
7. son of a diplomat, daughter of a politician
8. glencairn 14
9. $13.13
10. loose the idiot dogs
11. diminishing shine
12. random luvly moncton blue(s)
13. dadmomdaddy

Side B
1. 333 frames per second
2. revisionist alternatif wounds to the hair-cut hit head
3. ditty for moya
4. buried ton
5. and the hairy guts shine
6. hoarding
7. deterior 23
8. all angels gone
9. deterior 17
10. deterior three
11. devil's in the church
12. no job
13. dress like shit
14. perfumed pink corpses from the lips of ms. celine dion

2. F♯A♯∞ (1997)

Initially limited to 500 numbered copies, GYBE's debut studio album was released by Constellation records in 1997 and a year later it was re-issued by Kranky records, remastered and changed in some areas (and with different artwork). One of the best albums of the nineties!

The band contributed the song "East Hastings" to the UK film 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle, though the song was heavily edited; this was an unusual step for the ensemble. However, the track is excluded from the CD soundtrack, due to group ethics.

Tracks (1997 release, Constellation):
1. Side A: nervous, sad, poor
2. Side B: bleak, uncertain, beautiful

Tracks (1998 release, Kranky):
1. The Dead Flag Blues: the dead flag blues (intro); slow moving trains; the cowboy; (outro)
2. East Hastings: nothing's alrite in our life / dead flag blues (reprise); the sad mafioso; drugs in tokyo / black helicopter
3. Providence: divorce & fever; dead metheny; kicking horse on brokenhill; string loop manufactured during downpour; j.l.h. outro

3. Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada (E.P., 1999)

Slow riot: two words that describe perfectly the music of GYBE. Two tracks, thirty minutes of top class music! The front of the album contains Hebrew characters, in transliterated form, "tohu va vohu" (תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ), a phrase used in the Old Testament and carries no agreed-upon meaning among theological circles. It could mean "wasteland" or "nothingness". The back of the EP contains a diagram with instructions in Italian on how to make a molotov cocktail.

1. Moya
2. BBF3

4. Lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven (2000)

This is my favourite GYBE album. A double album, absolutely brilliant from the beginning to the end. Beautiful artwork by William Schaff (and here).

1. Storm: lift yr. skinny fists, like antennas to heaven; gathering storm; "welcome to barco am/pm..." [l.a.x.; 5/14/00]; cancer towers on holy road hi-way
2. Static: terrible canyons of static; atomic clock; chart #3; world police and friendly fire; [...+the buildings they are sleeping now]
3. Sleep: murray ostril: "...they don't sleep anymore on the beach..."; monheim; broken windows, locks of love pt. III. / 3rd part
4. Antennas to Heaven: moya sings "baby-o"; edgyswingsetacid; [glockenspiel duet recorded on a campsite in rhinebeck, n.y.]; "attention...mon ami...fa-lala-lala-la-la..." [55-St.Laurent]; she dreamt she was a bulldozer, she dreamt she was alone in an empty field; deathkamp drone [antennas to heaven...]

5. Yanqui U.X.O. (2002)

This is the most recent GYBE album, recorded by Steve Albini in 2002. Yanqui is the Spanish word for Yankee. The liner notes also refer to Yanqui as a "multinational corporate oligarchy", while "U.X.O." stands for "unexploded ordnance". The packaging of the album contains an arrow diagram purporting to represent the links between four major record labels (AOL Time-Warner, BMG, Sony, Vivendi Universal) and various arms manufacturers. This chart accompanied a photograph of falling bombs. One more excellent album, hopefully not the last one!

1. 09-15-00
2. 09-15-00 (cont.)
3. rockets fall on rocket falls
4. motherfucker=redeemer
5. motherfucker=redeemer (cont.)

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If These Trees Could Talk - Above the Earth, Below the Sky

If These Trees Could Talk is an instrumental post-rock band from Akron, Ohio. This is their first full-length album, a dark emotional journey that picks up where the debut E.P. left off in 2006. Great album!

Artist: If These Trees Could Talk
Album: Above the Earth, Below the Sky
Year: 2009
Genre: post-rock, instrumental

1. From Roots to Needles
2. What’s in the Ground Belongs to You
3. Terra Incognita
4. Above the Earth
5. Below the Sky
6. The Sun is in the North
7. Thirty-Six Silos
8. The Flames of Herostratus
9. Rebuilding the Temple of Artemis
10. Deus Ex Machina

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Scenic - Acquatica

Formed by ex-Savage Republic leader Bruce Licher, Scenic's unique sound is one part spaghetti western composer Ennio Morricone, one part sailing adrift in international waters and one part futuristic chamber music. This is their second album, a hidden masterpiece of the nineties.

Artist: Scenic
Album: Acquatica
Year: 1996
Genre: instrumental

1. The Tones Of Peloponnesus
2. Ionia
3. Parisia
4. Acquatica
5. All Fish Go To Heaven
6. The Isle Of Caldra
7. Deserted Shores
8. Improvia
9. Angelica
10. Dronia
11. The Ionic Curve
12. Aga Aludoma
13. Sidereal Hands At The Temple Of Omphalos
14. Modula Raga
15. Et Tu, Dronius?
Unofficial websites: here and here

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Thee, Stranded Horse - Churning Strides

Thee, Stranded Horse is Yann Tambour from Normandy, France, a really gifted young artist. He released two beautiful, electronic albums as Encre; I've presented one Encre album a while ago. Here, he plays nylon-strung acoustic guitar and the kora, a 21-string instrument originated in West-Africa. The result is a top class, modern folk album that everyone must have! Excellent!

Artist: Thee, Stranded Horse
Album: Churning Strides
Year: 2007
Genre: folk, neo-folk

1. So Goes The Pulse
2. Misty Mist (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
3. Le Sel
4. Swaying Eel
5. Churning Strides
6. Tainted Days
7. Sharpened Suede
8. Fiend Over Your Knees

Official Website

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Who Killed the Electric Car?

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" is a 2006 documentary by Chris Paine that explores the creation, limited commercialization, and subsequent destruction of the battery electric vehicle in the United States, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the 1990s. The film explores the roles of automobile manufacturers, the oil industry, the US government, the Californian government, batteries, hydrogen vehicles, and consumers in limiting the development and adoption of this technology. Excellent documentary! Watch it here in two parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

More Info:
Official Website
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