The American Dollar - Atlas

Started by two high school friends from Queens, New York, in 2005, The American Dollar creates cinematic, electronica-tinged instrumental rock. The duo fuses processed drums, spacious keyboards and powerful organ swells with electric guitar and bass, creating deep sonic textures while maintaining the passion and energy of a live band. The swirling soundscapes build and swell, punctuated by glitchy beats, breathing and expanding into crashing guitars and soaring leads: precisely constructed symphonies for a new era. A great band; this is their most recent album, released earlier this year. Recommended!

Artist: The American Dollar
Album: Atlas
Year: 2010
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, ambient, cinematic

1. A Few Words
2. Age of Wonder
3. Fade In Out
4. Shadows
5. Oil and Water
6. Circuits
7. Red Letter
8. Clones
9. Equinox
10. Second Sight
11. Frontier Melt
12. Flood
13. Escapist

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Excellent post, they are a good band and I've been investigating about it, they have released four studio albums, the latest is this one above, and it was released by Yesh Music on January 1, 2010 to be specific. Anyway, thanks for sharing with us.

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