Sketchie - Rain by High Lantern

One of the best albums of the decade!

Artist: Sketchie
Album: Rain by High Lantern
Year: 2004
Genre: electronica, trip-hop

1. The Fox Hunter
2. Loner Lay Blue
3. To Sail Industrial Swan
4. Suffragist Down
5. Chelsea Eyes
6. Happy Birthday Joe Shetcliffe a. Mute
7. Feud At Saint East's
8. Postwar Animation
9. Salute To Alone
10. Hurts To Fuck, Goes The Bell
11. I Am Absolute
12. Happy Birthday Joe Shetcliffe b. Losing My Life To You

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I've just come across Sketchie's music on spotify, & I was so so shocked at how I've never heard this stuff before! I was also shocked at how much I loved it! I don't usually choose to listen to music without lyrics or vocals, but Sketchie is amazing, 'Feud at Saint Easts' and 'Suffragists down' are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I found Sketchie not very long ago and they instantly became a huge inspiration. Absolutely mind-boggling music that evokes such emotion I never knew I could experience. I WILL support this artist by buying the album... if I can find it... :)

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