15 years without Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri was one of the greatest actresses and political figures in modern Greek history. Fifteen years are completed today since she died.

From her first film, Stella (1955). The most famous scene

and a song "Αγάπη που 'γινες δίκοπο μαχαίρι" ("Love that became a double-edged knife") by Manos Hadjidakis from the same movie:

"Τα Παιδιά του Πειραιά" by Manos Hadjidakis (won Academy Award for Best Song) in the famous movie "Never On Sunday" ("Ποτέ την Κυριακή") in 1960:

Melina Mercouri was also an activist and a politician. She was the Greek Minister of Culture during 1981-1989 and 1993-1994. She was the person that proposed the Cultural Capital of Europe idea and she also advocated the return of Parthenon Marbles from the British museum to Athens.

Melina Mercouri Foundation

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