Night On Earth - Stage/Radio

Night On Earth is Greek trip-hop band with blues noir/jazz influences. Their sound is more influenced by the images of Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai than a specific musical movement. Their live shows are occasionally accompanied by visuals, short films and performance. This is their debut double album released in 2006. The first disc, "Stage", is a top-class trip-hop album while the second one, "Radio", is more experimental, full of improvisations.

Artist: Night On Earth
Album: Stage/Radio
Year: 2006
Genre: trip-hop, experimental

Disc One - Stage
3.Little Night Music
4.Tango De La Lluvia

Disc Two -Radio
1. Hotel (In A Silent Way)
2. Improviolation
3. Latitudinarian
4. Impropervisation
5. Triphope


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Anonymous said...

Janus said...

Refreshing and suprisingly good.

Out of context but I felt like sharing this album with you:

The cd was obtained in the mid 90s from Seatle so excuse the scratches.

slow-riot said...

I've never heard of Love Club before. I'll listen to it and tell you what I think.

slow-riot said...

Love Club is a great discovery. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

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