Thalia Zedek - Been Here and Gone

In a perfect world, Thalia Zedek would be one of the most successful artists (commercially). But this is ain't no perfect world and Thalia Zedek's records have limited commercial success, even though she has been highly acclaimed by music critics throughout her career. In the 1990s, she was a member of the influential American indie band Come. This is her first solo album released in 2001. An "old-fashioned" rock album by one of the strongest vocalists in music. Don't miss it!

Artist: Thalia Zedek
Album: Been Here and Gone
Year: 2001
Genre: indie

1. Excommunications (Everybody Knows)
2. Back to School
3. Strong
4. Temporary Guest
5. Treacherous Thing
6. Dance Me to the End of Love
7. 1926
8. Desanctified (Full Circle)
9. Somebody Else
10. 10th Lament
11. Manha de Carnaval

Check the comments to listen before you buy.


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bangungot said...

kudos for the blog.
amazing music, great videos and documentaries.
thank you for uploading everything.
keep it up :)

slow-riot said...

thanks mate! keep on visiting. recommendations are very welcome!

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