2 By Bukowski - Drink From My Bastard Grail

I've already presented the debut album of this great band here. This is their second full length album (after the E.P. "Tech Thrash"). Great album, a bit heavier than their debut, closer to post-metal! The first track, "Chopperfuck", is their first (amazing) track with lyrics. Karine Charff of Amp is the singer. Recommended!

Artist: 2 By Bukowski
Album: Drink from my bastard grail
Year: 2003
Genre: post-rock, post-metal

1. Chopperfuck
2. I Am Ready For Death In This Dominion
3. The Last Aerie
4. The Entrance
5. Morley Lights
6. Sacrament
7. Wild Manner
8. Gate 3
9. I Am Continuum

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Anonymous said...


S said...

thats invalid, if you can upload it again... i'd like to hear it first.. thanx for all..

Anonymous said...


pass (if needed): SirensSound.blogspot.com

TRaiN said...
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TRaiN said...

I was found it too there and: "Unfortunately we have encountered a problem locating your file. You way wish to contact the owner / uploader of the file to get it re-uploaded again"
Thanx anyway..

Anonymous said...


many thanks for your links!

TRaiN said...

thank YOU, really!!

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