Scenic - Acquatica

Formed by ex-Savage Republic leader Bruce Licher, Scenic's unique sound is one part spaghetti western composer Ennio Morricone, one part sailing adrift in international waters and one part futuristic chamber music. This is their second album, a hidden masterpiece of the nineties.

Artist: Scenic
Album: Acquatica
Year: 1996
Genre: instrumental

1. The Tones Of Peloponnesus
2. Ionia
3. Parisia
4. Acquatica
5. All Fish Go To Heaven
6. The Isle Of Caldra
7. Deserted Shores
8. Improvia
9. Angelica
10. Dronia
11. The Ionic Curve
12. Aga Aludoma
13. Sidereal Hands At The Temple Of Omphalos
14. Modula Raga
15. Et Tu, Dronius?
Unofficial websites: here and here

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Anonymous said...

Janus said...

Heya, not sure if this is too much to ask but could you make a Godspeed you black emperor or a Silver mountain zion related post, maybe with samples or a recommended playlist? Ta

slow-riot said...

Sure! even though playlists are not my strength, I will present those two huge bands later this week!

Daneil said...

HEEEEEEEEy thank you so much for uploading Acquatica. Looking for it long time. Would be too much to ask for any other Scenic album? I have Incident at cima; but miss all the others. Well, surely now not Acquatica, thanks again!

slow-riot said...

It's really hard to find any album of Scenic online and Acquatica is the only one I have. I would appreciate a link for Incident at Cima :)

antipodes.squad said...

any chance you could re-up this? seems to be almost impossible to find this anywhere else online.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

thanks from poland! :)

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