Slint - Spiderland

Today's album is a legendary post-rock album. Slint formed in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in 1986 from the remains of the post-punk band Squirrel Bait. Released in 1991 by Touch & Go Records, Spiderland was Slint's second album. Although it was not widely recognized on its initial release, it eventually became a landmark album in underground music after Slint broke up in 1991. It has been highly influential on the styles of many bands in the post-rock genre, including Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Considered a seminal work, Spiderland is an album characterised by its dark, syncopated rhythms, sparse guitar lines and haunting subject matters. The record’s impact was such that some have suggested it is the first true post-rock album, helping to usher in a new wave of bands seeking a move away from the unfettered aggression of hardcore punk but not its underlying ethic. The singing style interchanges between mumbling spoken word and strained shouting. The lyrics of Spiderland are often written in a narrative style.

The cover of Spiderland is from series of photos of the band taken by the Louisville singer-musician Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, Palace etc).

Artist: Slint
Album: Spiderland
Year: 1991
Genre: post-rock

1. Breadcrumb Trail
2. Nosferatu Man
3. Don, Aman
4. Washer
5. For Dinner...
6. Good Morning, Captain
7. Utica Quarry, Nighttime

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