Halley - Forget the Leaves, Autumn Will Change Us

Halley was a band from Austin, Texas, formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2005. This is their first (and final) album, released in 2002. Their music covers everything from noisy pop, with the opening song bombarding the listener with a barrage of trumpets and trombones, to drum machine based arrangements, heavy noisy rock, and a waltz, to the final moments of an 11 minute song ending the record complete with a choir, strings, horns and a harp to finish off the solid structure of sound. Really really good!

Artist: Halley
Album: Forget the Leaves, Autumn Will Change Us
Year: 2002
Genre: post-rock, shoegaze, pop etc.

1. Adventures of Georgie and the Robbers (Record Player Pt 1)
2. Heart Attack on a One Way Street
3. Movie Song - Trailer Theme
4. Peninsula Pomegranate Pendegrass
5. Redlightgreenlight
6. As Cheap as Fake
7. Ellipses
8. Herkimer Battle Jetne (Record Player Pt 2)
9. Living from a Heart Palpatation
10. The Last Word Is a Silent Vowel
11. Movie Song - Love Theme
12. Kites Are Slow Downers



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