Clogs - Lantern

Clogs are four musicians from the U.S. and Australia who compose and improvise using sounds, textures and influences from across the musical spectrum. From the immediacy of folk music, through twisted Americana to the complexity of modernism, their sound marks a new and beautifully strange stage in the evolution of 21st century acoustic-electronic music. Leading members Bryce Dessner and Padma Newsome are also members of indie-rock band The National. Clogs, however, is a different story: amazing neo-classical music with elements of folk, post-rock and experimentation. Lantern is their most recent album. A masterpiece!

Artist: Clogs
Album: Lantern
Year: 2006
Genre: neo-classical, instrumental, experimental, folk, post-rock
Similar: Rachel's, Fifths of Seven

1. Kapsburger
2. Canon
3. 5/4
4. 2:3:5
5. Death and the Maiden
6. Lantern
7. Tides of Washington Bridge
8. The Song of the Cricket
9. Fiddlegree
10. Compass
11. Voisins
12. Tides (Piano)

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