Epic45 - Reckless Engineers

Epic45 is a great, hugely underrated, band! Ben Holton and Rob Glover joined together in 1995 in Birmingham, UK, but only began playing live and recording tracks to tape in 1998. From there, they have gone on to record tracks for almost 20 releases and done remixes for people such as Portal and Glider. They now have four full albums released, the latest being “May Your Heart Be The Map”. This one is their debut full-length album released in 2002. Excellent!

Artist: Epic45
Album: Reckless Engineers
Year: 2002
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, experimental, ambient

1. Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me
2. A Song For Seasons
3. August Passed Away Unnoticed
4. Low Tide
5. Remote Canals
6. Like A Crowbar, Humour Separated Us
7. For Painters Of Scenery
8. A Forlorn Reminder Of Better Days
9. Estuary
10. Shorebound

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