Pascal Comelade - Mètode de Rocanrol

Pascal Comelade, a French-Catalan minimalist, was born in Montpellier, France. After living for several years in Barcelona, he made his first album, Fluences, influenced by electronic music and by the group Heldon. Subsequently, his music has become more acoustic and is characterised by the sounds of toy instruments, used as solo-instruments and as an integral part of the sound of his group, the Bel Canto Orquestra. He has collaborated with many singers and musicians from diverse genres of music including Robert Wyatt, Dani, Faust, Christophe Miossec, Toti Soler, Jac Berrocal and PJ Harvey. I strongly recommend all his albums; if you like the music of Yann Tiersen, you will love it! This is one of his most recent releases! Enjoy!

Artist: Pascal Comelade
Album: Mètode de Rocanrol
Year: 2007
Genre: folk (-ish), minimalist

1. Stranger in Paradigm
2. L'U
3. Elvis Loved Dogs
4. La vedette d'el molino
5. Jopo de Pojo not Dead
6. Mossen xemeneia a l'Heliogàbal
7. The Indian of the Group
8. Il Luna-Park galactico
9. Catalana de jazzz
10. The halucinogenic espontex sinfonia
11. Smog on the Vermut
12. Noia de porcellana
13. Le barman de Satan
14. Com un rossinyol amb mal de queixal

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MECO said...

there is no tiersen in his song! fake!

L said...

What a phenomenal blog you have here. Great descriptions of the music. Thanks for Pascal (very promising) and can't wait to discover more intriguing tunes.

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