Blues Wire - Take My Hand to the Sky

The Blues Wire is the greatest and one of the very few blues bands in Greece. Their story began in 1983 when Sotiris Zisis and Elias Zaikos formed Blues Gang (who renamed themselves as Blues Wire in 1985), the very first blues band in Greece that tried to capture the original sounds of blues legends like Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and T-Bone Walker. They recorded the first blues album ever to be made by Greek musicians, at a time when it was really difficult to play music without obvious roots in Greek culture, let alone get a record deal for it. Since then, they have become well-known in the blues community and they have played in many festivals across Europe. Blues Wire have provided the foundation of the Greek blues scene and the main inspiration for many younger musicians. This album, released in 2007, is a compilation of 14 songs spanning 20 years of recordings. A great introduction to Blues Wire's music. Get it!

Artist: Blues Wire
Album: Take My Hand to the Sky
Year: 2007
Genre: blues

1. Steady Gig
2. Because of you
3. Meanthing
4. Bulldog Boogie
5. Keep blues alive
6. Love me
7. There is love (Take my hand to the sky)
8. Circus of fools
9. Fat meet bones
10. Chicago blues
11. Blinded
12. Life on the road
13. Wishbone
14. Goodbye now blues

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