Vinterriket - Horizontmelancholie

Vinterriket is one of the three ambient projects of the German artist Christoph Ziegler (Nebelkorona, Nocternity, Atomtrakt, ex-Graven). This project is mostly used to output his cold and melancholic soul into music. In 2004, Vinterriket joined Nocternity (for whom he had already created two instrumental outro and intro tracks) as a permanent keyboard player. Vinterriket is Norwegian and Swedish for "The Winter Realm". Most of the work is dark ambient or ambient black metal. Not aggressive and very calming in both genres. This is his most recent album. Really good!

Artist: Vinterriket
Album: Horizontmelancholie
Year: 2009
Genre: ambient, dark, experimental

1. Schattengeraeusche
2. Durch die Weiten der Landschaft
3. Herbstreich
4. Irrlichterscheinung
5. Bergtal
6. Wogen des Firmamentes
7. Waldkult

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