As The Poets Affrim - The Jaws that Bite, The Claws that Catch

As The Poets Affirm was a Canadian independent band from Ottawa, Ontario, formed in 2001. The band began as a three-piece acoustic project, and later evolved into a seven-member lineup experimenting with jazz, classical and electronica. Their name is taken from a line in Dante's Inferno. The band disbanded in 2007. This is their second and most successful album released in 2004. Highly recommended!

Artist: As The Poets Affirm
Album: The Jaws that Bite, The Claws that Catch
Year: 2004
Genre: post-rock instrumental

1. Snow-White Wings in the Bottomless Blue
2. The Snick-Berry Switch
3. Rocket Through
4. Portrait; Levity May Call
5. A Lie Told Before Breakfast
6. Orange Car Crash
7. The Bourgeois Dream of Some White Trash Kid
8. A Voice Recited the News on the Radio
9. Now I Shall Sing the Second Kingdom
10. Where Flowers Should Be


You can find their catalog here.
Check the comments to listen before you buy.
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