Chinawoman - Party Girl

Chinawoman is a solo recording artist from Toronto, Canada. Her sound can be traced to the exclusive Russian-only clubs of Toronto, where men in silk shirts croon tales of heartache over bossa nova synth, and to the ballet school where Chinawoman spent her youth a spectator of melodrama set to Chopin. Songs are lush with 70’s epic and/or Red Army Choir-style choruses, East-European melodies and restrained low-spoken vocals. All songs are written, performed and engineered by Chinawoman, who plays all the instruments. Chinawoman self-released her debut album “Party Girl” in the spring of 2007. Moscow based label Exotica-Soyuz did a reissue of the album in the fall of 2008. This is a fantastic debut! Dark, melancholic and beautiful! Highly recommended!

Artist: Chinawoman
Album: Party Girl
Year: 2007
Genre: dark, melancholic, folk

1. Lovers are Strangers
2. Aviva
3. Party Girl
4. I Kiss The Hand of My Destroyer
5. Left You at The Farm
6. Friday Night
7. I’ll Be Your Woman
8. Montreal Love Theme
9. Party Girl (Party Mix)

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