The Ansion - That Is The Way Of Things

The Ansion is the latest musical project from Scottish guitarist Jon Innes. His music blends programmed beats and live instrumentation to create a fresh organic feel. This is The Ansion's debut album, released in 2007, in which elements of danceable percussion and contemplative moments are mixed with complex instrumentation to create a body of work that will appeal to many musical tastes. Excellent electronica! Recommended!

Artist: The Ansion
Album: That Is The Way Of Things
Year: 2007
Genre: electronica, ambient

1. Introduction Part B
2. Alex Lovell Is My Terminator
3. The Way You Always Fall Asleep Before I Do
4. Die, You Big Fuck Off Spider, Die
5. Her Resistance to the Mind Probe Is Considerable
6. I’m Afraid Of You, What Are You Afraid Of?
7. Three-two-seven
8. Frogs and Rabbits
9. You Are Nothing More Than a Chemical Reaction Inside My Head
10. 10/07/2005

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