Les invasions barbares (2003)

Les Invasions barbares (The barbarian invasions) is a 2003 Canadian film directed by Denys Arcand. It is the sequel to Arcand's earlier film The Decline of the American Empire (1986) and is followed by Days of Darkness (2007). I haven't watched the other parts of the trilogy but this is a fantastic film. The plot revolves around Rémy's battle with terminal cancer and the efforts of Sébastien, his estranged son, to make his dying father more comfortable in his last days.

The film deals with the disillusionment with socialism, the disillusionment with capitalism as well as the death of a man who happened to have been a socialist professor in Montreal, while his son a millionaire. A political film, but also a film about friendship, love, life and death. The screenplay, acting and directing are all top-notch. It is at times funny, sad, tragic and thought-provoking. The dialogues are absolutely brilliant!

A wonderful movie! A must-see for everyone!

More info:
Rotten Tomatoes

Trailer (hate it, very Hollywood-like; there is a french one here)

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drk said...

thanks for the recommendation... that was a really good film.


try: les invasions barbares (2k3)

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