Dirty Granny Tales - Inversed World

Dirty Granny Tales is an acoustic/experimental group from Greece, combining puppet theatre acts with music. The compositions are dark, full of gothic lyrics and atmospheric melodies with black metal influences, reminding strongly The Tiger Lillies. This is how they describe themselves:
“What happens when music brings puppets to life? It’s when the Dirty Granny tells her stories…

This is not the sweet Grandma that will narrate a fairy tale for the children in front of the fireplace. She is not the one to knit a woollen scarf while the kitten cuddles on her feet.

This old woman is dirty, releasing a rotting smell. You can’t define the gaze on her face, because it’s absent, you can’t stand the timbre of her voice because it’s piercing your brain with the strength of a thousand needles. Her guise is freezing cold, makes you wonder if she belongs to your World. What kind of stories would such a creature chronicle? Not the kind that work as a lullaby…

The more repulsive her aura, the more you become bewitched. What is that she is knitting with her nails? Would you dare to try it on?”

Every should give this one a try!

Artist: Dirty Granny Tales
Album: Inversed World
Year: 2008
Genre: dark-folk, experimental, acoustic, black-metal

1. Inversed World
2. King Of Ants
3. Twins
4. My Uncle Bub
5. Hands
6. Didi’s Show
7. Stress Creature
8. What Is That Think?
9. The Entrance Of Curiosity
10. Strings From The Sky


Get an idea of their live performances:

dirty granny trailer

Dirty Granny Tales | MySpace Music Videos

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