Mountain Men Anonymous - Krkonose

Mountain Men Anonymous was a post-rock band from Gloucestershire via South Glamorgan, Wales (two members have now re-formed as Zail). Their discography includes self-titled demo in 2000, self-titled debut in 2001, a 7” split single between the band and Teflon Monkey and the album posted here, their most recent one. They are currently on "indefinite hiatus". Really good album. Check it out!

Artist: Mountain Men Anonymous
Album: Krkonose
Year: 2004
Genre: post-rock, experimental

1. Xanexxx
2. Quim
3. Dolph Lundgren
4. Finding Heart Through Pain
5. We Stole Your Rhyming Dictionary
6. Bringing Out Your Dead
7. Out of Europe
8. Weep
9. If All Else Fails
No website / MySpace

The album is sold out. Go here for digital releases.
Check the comments to listen before you buy.


Anonymous said...

ksn said...


Sad Peter Pan said...

milame gia DISKARA! gia xronia exei stoixeiwsei to cd player!

na sou proteinw kai kati allo megaleiwdes?
tsekare touw "Meanwhille Back In Communist Russia" an den to exeis kanei akoma...

slow-riot said...

nai...tous 3ero tous Meanwhille Back In Communist Russia...poli kaloi ontws!
btw...e3airetiko to blog akolou8o kai kaneis polla post kai den ta prolamvaino :P

elafini said...

Είχαν συμμετοχή και σε μια εξαιρετική συλλογή

panagiotis said...

PAIDIA egw to petyxa twra tuxaia...exw pathei plaka!!!!!

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