Grande Duke - Grande Duke EP

Grande Duke is a trio from Derby, UK. This is their debut EP released a few days ago on Fight Me records. Their music combines elements from post-rock, post-metal, math-rock and jazz. The latter is definitely the most promising part of this EP. Give it a try!

Artist: Grande Duke
Album: Grande Duke
Year: 2010
Genre: post-rock, post-metal, instrumental, jazz

1. Stonecutter
2. Duke of Rain
3. Lunacy by Sea Wind
4. Chora

Official Website (buy from here)

Please support this band. Buy from here.
Check the comments to listen first.

Many thanks for this Sean. Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

don't try that link to mediafire... it's a virus.

Anonymous said...

the link is fine

Anonymous said...

It IS a virus.
It is also theft.

Anonymous said...

You, sir (that said that inside it is a virus) are such an idiot. Make up your mind: is it a virus or is it a theft? Such morons some people are. If you'd be smart enough, you'd listen to the album, you'd see how weak it actually is and you would've know why so many albums needs to be checked first before buying them.
Thank you for the album, mr. blogger man! hh

Anonymous said...

learn how to write you moron.

Anonymous said...

nice conversation between morons (lol) it's a virus, that's a good one, this is so much fun...great blog...peace and greets
el postino loco

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