World's End Girlfriend - Ending Story

World’s End Girlfriend (ワールズ・エンド・ガールフレンド) is Katsuhiko Maeda, a musical genius from Nagasaki but based in Tokyo, Japan. I have already posted his last year's soundtrack, Air Doll. This one is his first album released on Yoshihiro Hanno’s Current label in 2000, which caught people’s attention in Japan and abroad. No need to say much about this artist. One of the greatest musicians in the world. Get it now!

Artist: World's End Girlfriend
Album: Ending Story
Year: 2000
Genre: electronica, ambient, post-rock, experimental, instrumental

1. Listening You
2. Magical Romantic Freestyle
3. Heartbreak Wonderland
4. Cruel Girl’s Beauty
5. Air Reason
6. Purple Orange
7. Red Red Red
8. A Faint Melody
9. Ending Story
10. Birthday

Official Website

If you find a place where I can buy the CD, please post the link here.
Until then, check the comments to listen.
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