Anoice - Remmings

Anoice is a Tokyo based six-piece group that have been working together since 2004. One of their members is Takahiro Kido (I posted one of his albums here). They play dreamy post-rock music with neo-classical/ambient influences. This is their highly acclaimed 2006 debut. Excellent!

Artist: Anoice
Album: Remmings
Year: 2006
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, ambient, neo-classical

1. [Untitled]
2. Asprin Music
3. [Untitled]
4. Kyoto
5. [Untitled]
6. Liange
7. [Untitled]
8. The Three-Days Blow
9. [Untitled]

Official Website (buy from here)

Check the comments to listen before you buy.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the upload. :)

drk said...

thanks for this... you always find the most beautiful things to share.

i still need to get through the last decade's movie lists too... thanks for so many good influences... i really needed this album tonight.


kamagra gel said...

Excellent way to published music, I think you're doing an important contribution, specially if we're talking about this kind of rhythms. Most of the blogger are doing something similar. Although firmly rooted in the indie or underground scene of the 1980s and '90s, post-rock's style often bears little resemblance musically to that of indie rock. 23jj

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