Beneva vs. Clark Nova - Sombunall

Beneva vs. Clark Nova consists of the Oslo-based duo Frank Benjamin Finger and Rudi Simmons. Their soundscapes are detailed and full of contradictions as they are concerned about melodies, but at the same time are fond of abstract sounds. The sound of the duo is richly detailed and filled with constrasts, tripping with ease from childish play to beat-intensive melodies, from ambient to industrial noise. This is their much celebrated debut album, released on Fenêtre Records in 2008, following the ambient gem Flotsam/Jetsam on 3” CD in 2007. Their latest album "Dramadadatic" was released in 2009 on How Is Annie Records/Fenetre Records. Awesome album! Highly recommended!

Artist: Beneva vs. Clark Nova
Album: Sombunall
Year: 2008
Genre: electronica, idm, ambient, downtempo

1. I'm Twins (The Babies Said)
2. 88 Kilos of Excrement
3. His Freefloating Affection (feat. Therese Aune)
4. Institute Benjamenta
5. Thora's Inferno
6. With Love, Etc. (feat. Therese Aune)
7. Suppose She Was Telepathic
8. Social Wrist-Twistings
9. Lazy, But Comfortable Size
10. Two Men Being Hospitalized When Only One Had to Be
11. Poligraph Polygraphikov
12. Nothing, Only Worthwhile

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