Early Day Miners - Let Us Garlands Bring

Early Day Miners is an American group from Bloomington, Indiana, and is self-described as "musical cooperative". They spin American rural music into richly cinematic, experimental textures that contain a prominent streak of melancholy (and some slowcore tendencies). In my opinion, this is their best album, released in 2002. Enjoy!

Artist: Early Day Miners
Album: Let Us Garlands Bring
Year: 2002
Genre: slowcore, ambient, post-rock

1. Centralia
2. Santa Carolina
3. Offshore
4. Silvergate
5. Summer Ends
6. Autumn Wake
7. Light In August
8. A Common Wealth

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Jonny said...

Hey, this is Jonathan Richardson from Early Day Miners. Please enjoy this record, but if you like it, support our band and buy it. We have a new record coming out in September called The Treatment, check out our new blog at earlydayminers.blogspot.com

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