Kaada - Junkyard Nostalgias

John Erik Kaada is a musical artist and composer from Stavanger, Norway. He has been working as a composer of film music and as a extensive touring solo artist. This is his most recent album, released in 2009. It's not easy to put his music in one genre. I'd say that combines neo-classical with electronica and experimental music. In any case, excellent album; highly recommended!

Artist: Kaada
Album: Junkyard Nostalgias
Year: 2009
Genre: neo-classical, electronica, experimental, instrumental

1. A day and a night and a day
2. Truth serum
3. Ode to the old flesh
4. Hammering down the nails
5. Dragging an ox
6. Marja Dalia, The Polska Bogini
7. Broken Horse Restaurant
8. Late bloOmer Gipsiara
9. The Hermetic Bird
10. All the things that grow old and pass away
11. We salute you, polish working man

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