Rykarda Parasol - Our Hearts First Meet

Rykarda Parasol is an American artist who creates beautiful dark rock music, similar to PJ Harvey and Elizabeth Anka Vajagic. This is her first full-length album, released in 2006. Often compared to Nick Cave, Nico and the Velvet Underground, and Johnny Cash, Parasol weaves intricate tales infused with dark meaning and simmering atmosphere. The end result is a highly stylized aesthetic of both sound and imagery. Most of the lyrics on “Our Hearts First Meet” are drawn from Parasol’s personal life and sewn into cohesive songs which, though seemingly simple, offer themselves up for multiple interpretations. This is a must-have for everyone! Absolutely brilliant!

Artist: Rykarda Parasol
Album: Our Hearts First Meet
Year: 2006
Genre: rock, dark, folk, blues

1. Good Sick
2. Hannah Leah
3. Night on Red River
4. Lullaby for Blacktail
5. Weeding Time
6. Arrival, A Rival
7. Candy Gold
8. Good Fall
9. How Does a Woman Fall?
10. En Route
11. Lonesome Place
12. Texas Midnight Radio
13. Weeding
14. Good Sick II
15. Janis, Don't Go Back

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This is a self-released album. Please support by buying from here.
Check the comments to listen first.


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