edPorth - Saying vamos and thinking let's go

edPorth (aka Patrizio Piastra from Italy) is an electronic and instrumental solo-project for post-rock followers, glitch maniacs, ambient dreamers and lap-pop fans. This is his debut album, availabl for free download. Very good!

Artist: edPorth
Album: Saying vamos and thinking let's go
Year: 2010
Genre: electronica, ambient, post-rock, instrumental

1. Eighteen Degrees Below The Horizon
2. Kreuzberg And The Sun
3. Saying Vamos And Thinking Let’s Go
4. Meeting At The Utility Pole
5. Kadievka
6. Your Sand
7. Long Exposure


Download for free (or buy the physical CD)
<a href="http://edporth.bandcamp.com/album/saying-vamos-and-thinking-lets-go">Eighteen degrees below the horizon by edPorth</a>

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