Gry with FM Einheit and his Orchestra - Public Recording

The extraordinary young Danish voice artist Gry Bagøien was attending the "Academy for Untamed Creativity" in Copenhagen when she met her musical partner FM Einheit, a former member of the legendary German band Einstürzende Neubauten. They formed a band called Gry and released two albums: Touch of E! (1998) and today's album, Public Recording (2000). This one features numerous special guests, including Pan Sonic and Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke. Their music is a fusion of trip-hop and electronica. They disbanded in 2002. A fantastic album, one of the best of the last decade. A must!

Artist: Gry with FM Einheit and his Orchestra
Album: Public Recording
Year: 2000
Genre: trip-hop, electronica

1. Rocket
2. Coctailism
3. Ray
4. Pop
5. Ego
6. Count to down
7. Princess Crocodile
8. Helicopter heart
9. Summer wine
10. Unreal
11. Ghost
12. Christo's revenge

Gry: MySpace
FM Einheit: Official Website, MySpace

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wowweeeee, thanx a lot!

Alley-Ways said...

Thanks! Gonna try this right now!

groove68 said...

Berlin Now, 1985 documentary feat. Einstürzende Neubauten w/ FM Einheit

Watch as video on demand stream

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