No.9 - Usual Revolution and Nine

No.9 is the musical works of multi-instrumentalist "sound designer" Takayuki Joe. Growing up in Tokyo, Joe was interested in a wide range of music including Chicago blues, the jazz of Eric Dolphy and Thelonious Monk and the Japanese modern classical composer Toru Takemitsu. He also dug into Japanese Group Sounds, spy music, animation, funk and psychedelic rock, with one of his all-time favourite albums being the Beatles White Album (which includes the Beatles weirdest ever song “Revolution 9”, with the repeated refrain “No.9, No.9, No.9...”). He composes melodic instrumental music that has many influences, including jazz, ambient, electronica and pop. This is his fifth album, released in 2008. It was released in 2009 in a remix version, which featured work by I Am Robot and Proud, Aus, Kettel and miaou, among others. An outstanding album that brings to mind the likes of World's End Girlfriend and Kashiwa Daisuke. Brilliant!

Artist: No.9
Album: Usual Revolution and Nine
Year: 2008
Genre: electronica, ambient, experimental, instrumental, idm

1. Introduction
2. I Hope [Canon No.9 Remix]
3. Alive
4. Future Airport
5. Again and Again
6. Symmetry World
7. Meguru
8. Found it
9. Princess
10. Prays
11. Afterglow No.9 Remix
12. Clover Classic
13. Over There Empty
14. With Millions of Love - Fine -

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